As a writer. Theater, radio and film. 

Vermes Num Cachorro Morto

Full-length play / Dramatic reading

By: Teatro Documentário (Brazil)

Directed by: Julio Ribeiro

Out. 11, 12 at Independência Square;

Nov. 24, 25 at Ibirapuera Marquee.


Mulheres Fora de Cena

Full-length play 

By: Teatro Documentário (Brazil)

Directed by: Julio Ribeiro

Sep. 2, 3 and 4 at Fora do Trilho Festival.


The Terrorist and the Protocol Guide

One-act play 

By: Shanghai Repertory Theater (China)

Directed by: Fernanda Jaber

June Stravaganza. May 3 and 4 at Ke Center for Contemporary Arts.


The Wld Neighbour and the Willing Coward

Full-length radio play  

By: BBC World Service (U.K.)

Directed by: Marrion Nancarrow

Broadcasted by BBC Radio 4.  


Four Parts Broken 

40-minute play

By: National Theatre of Scotland (U.K.)

Directed by: David MacLennan

Feb. 21-18, Òran Mór Theatre (Glasgow); Mar. 01-05, Traverse Theatre (Edinburgh).


Contos de Obituário

Short film series

By: CTR ECA USP (Brazil)

Directed by: Ricardo Mordoch

Shown at Festival Int. de Programmes Audiovisuels & 12es Rencontres du cinéma sud-américain (France).


Quem é?

Online theater

By: Teatro para Alguém (Brazil)

Directed by: Rafael Carvalho

Live streaming. Aug. 07. Available at Teatro para Alguém. 


Tudo Certo Para dar Errado

Full-length play / Dramatic reading

By: SESI British Council (Brazil)

Directed by: Ariela Goldmann

Dec. 03, FIESP Cultural Center. 


De Versão em Versão

Monthly sketch show  

By: Saraiva Bookshop (Brazil) 

Directed by: Rafael Carvalho

Oct., 2009 - Feb., 2010 at Saraiva Bookshop, Morumbi Center.

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